Day 12

A kayaking excursion from Hickory Hills Campgrounds on the opposite shore of Rice Lake was on tap for the third through ninth grade students. Students practiced their kayaking skills near the shore, then either kayaked looking for wildlife or met with Ron Anderson, a chemist by profession, but a volunteer for the Department of Natural Resources, to test water quality.

Ron allowed the students to use the SECCHI Disk to check for water clarity. In addition, he demonstrated taking water samples, which will be tested by the students later. He outlined his volunteer work in water testing, discussed factors that influence water quality, and noted progress in the improvement of water quality in Rice Lake, especially with the Silverwood Park agricultural area not practicing conventional farming techniques.

Thanks to Hickory Hills Campground for offering campers the opportunity to enjoy the water feature at the campground at the end of kayaking.  Also, thanks to volunteers, Rita Fox, Paul Johnson, Mark Gausman, Gifts For Kids, and Driftaway Paddle Co. for making this event possible!

Students noted viewing eagles, eaglets, turtles, pelicans, and fish as they paddled around Rice Lake.  In addition, they observed the impact of development and agriculture on the lake.

Fishing from shore led by the Edgerton High School Fishing Team was enjoyed by the younger campers.  A few fish were caught and released -- a sustainable practice to promote larger fish populations in Rice Lake.