New Signs Explain Stonehouse and Agroforesty Demo Farm

By Barb Gausman, Volunteer

Curious about the Stonehouse Visitors’ Center and Agroforestry Demonstration Farm at Silverwood Park?  Check out our new signs.

The Friends of Silverwood Park are excited to announce the completion and installation of two educational signs at Silverwood Park.  The signs include Silverwood Park: History of the Land and People, installed outside of the Stonehouse Visitors’ Center and Alley Cropping installed near the parking lot and the Savanna Institute Demonstration Farm agroforestry area.

A grant from Dane County Parks and Edgerton Alumni Association made the creation and installation of these signs possible.

Savannah Institute staff helped develop the Alley Cropping sign images and text.

Photo Dr. LLC of Jefferson restored images of Irene Silverwood and the Stonehouse Visitors’ Center as it appeared in 1880 when owned by the John Bullis family.  The Wisconsin Historical Society is credited for the Winnebago Wigwam image.  Wendi Kent created the Ice Age image, highlighting the creation of kettles present at the park. Fossil Graphic, New York, produced the signs.

Numerous other volunteers contributed to the signs, including Sarah White, text contributor; Wendi Kent, original graphic designer;  Lisa Horton, final graphic designer; Mark Gausman, sign installer, and Barb Gausman, project coordinator.  A thank you to Kyle Richmond, Sarah Barlow, Kirsten Almo, John Steines, Mark Wanless, Molly Stenz, and Marcia Wirth who also contributed to the creation of the signage in the planning stage.

Please check out the signs at the park and follow up with finding additional information related to Silverwood Park and Savanna Institute on our website.