Day 9

Liam brought in his chicken Doug from home.  She is a Polish chicken and has quite the “hair-do”!

The younger campers watched a Generation Genius video clip on ecosystems and listened to Yucky Worms by Henry Cole in the Stonehouse before heading to their garden to weed, search for bugs, and gather zucchini for zucchini bread for the next class!

Kim Lapagglia, a grower and owner of Organic Farm and Table, demonstrated juicing vegetables, using the whole plant (rinds and stems), and growing microgreens to the older group.  The middle schoolers explored global food systems, climate change and food choices  through Food Print online activities/ video clips. Questions such as “how does ketchup get to our table” and “why do we throw away so much food” were examined.  

Again, always garden work -- from staking tomatoes to turning the compost bin.  The campers used a three-part wooden compost bin and a plastic bin that is used by the city. Ava is adding greens to the plastic bin.