Day 14

Ingrid Daudert shared information about types of mushrooms and how they grow.  Ingrid owns Misty Dawn Farms, which grows shiitake mushrooms on logs sustainably harvested from her forest as part of the forest improvement plan.  Ingrid brought mushrooms to share on homemade individual pizzas, along with other vegetables campers harvested.

In addition to students creating their own pizzas, the older campers used herbs from their gardens to make basil pesto (served on French bread), salsa verde (served with organic blue corn chips), dill/cucumber dip, and fennel yogurt dip, served with sliced veggies from Silverwood Gardens.

Master Gardener Ruth Flescher joined the campers to enjoy the harvest, but also to work in the gardens.  She helped Ava work on the “Floridian Weave” method of staking tomatoes.

The older students determined that the soil was healthy with microbes, because when they dug up their “undies” for the “Soil Your Undies” campaign, they discovered scraps of cotton fabric connected to the waistband.

Liam and Mark assembled bluebird houses and pounded stakes for the houses overlooking the prairie.

Final touches were put on presentations for the field day on the last day of class.