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Volunteers are the foundation of the Friends of Silverwood Park. They care about the land, our community, and being of service. Everything we’ve been able to accomplish is due to volunteer efforts. If you are a volunteer, thanks for your support! I invite others who are interested in Silverwood and our mission to join our team. You’ll find much of what you need to get started here and on our announcements page. Please join us, we’d love to have you!

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Ongoing Opportunities

  • Organic gardening – grow health food
  • Invasive species management – diversify the park’s species
  • Oak savanna restoration – assist with conservation
  • Farmstead buildings cleaning & maintenance – make the park look good
  • Friends of Silverwood Board membership – help us steer the park

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Volunteer Spotlight

From Sarah Barlow, who served as our Volunteer Coordinator for the 2021 season, thanks to a grant from the Dane County Parks Foundation.  Sarah presented this information at our Volunteer Appreciation Event on November 13th.

Thank You, Silverwood Volunteers!

Many thanks to the volunteers who helped us during our 2021 season! Despite navigating a pandemic while trying to stay safe, we were able to accomplish so much at Silverwood. Volunteers worked on so many projects this year including woods restoration work, gardening, managing garlic mustard and thistle, summer school, tending to trails, cleaning the farmstead buildings, orchard care, website work and helping with events like our mushroom inoculating workshop, Freshman Summit, and Harvest Fest.  

In 2021, 56 people volunteered their time to lead or help with the many tasks and projects that make Silverwood Park a vibrant outdoor innovation laboratory as well as a beautiful recreational area. Nearly 2500 hours of volunteer time were logged to Track-It-Forward, the time-tracking platform instituted this year. Note that the following these statistics, drawn from Track-It-Forward, don’t include the quantity of volunteer time given by those who haven’t chosen to engage with the tracking system.

Our 2021 Volunteers:

  • Beth Dibbert
  • Trudy Spike
  • Liv Von Blomberg
  • Nancy Moskal
  • Joseph Moskal
  • Ronald Anderson
  • Trent Crouch
  • Wayne Pauly
  • Tom Spike
  • Dan Bussey
  • Pat Severson
  • Judy Hanlow
  • Kelly Challis
  • Tom Poole
  • Kohl Cruz
  • Dayne Cruz
  • Griffin Siegert
  • Gini Gehant
  • Cheri Trick
  • Paul Johnson
  • Chris Scharlau
  • Ingrid West
  • John Peck
  • Kerry Froelich-Mueller
  • Kim LaPaglia
  • Lauren Barlow
  • Megan Veldkamp
  • Tom Harding
  • Jaime Gutierrez
  • Connie Bussey
  • Jenny Cruz

Brilliant Sunflower: 15+ Hours

  • Ed Grote
  • Mike Woller
  • Janice Redford
  • Tom Northey
  • Dan Dibbert
  • Bobbi Johnson

Blossoming Butterfly Weed: 30+ Hours

  • Paul Kersten
  • Ruth Flescher
  • Barb Schuetz

Rich Elderberry: 50+ Hours

  • Kyle Richmond
  • Wendi Kent
  • Sarah Barlow 
  • Linda Lipinski 

Steady Oak: 80+ Hours

  • Barb Gausman
  • Rita Fox 
  • Mike Meier 
  • Yoshi Saimi 
  • Katie Whitten 
  • Sarah White 
  • Kirsten Almo 
  • Mark Gausman
  • John Steines

Recognized for extraordinary time given to Silverwood Park were Yoshi Saimi, Mike Meier, and Rita Fox of the Woods Restoration Team and Barb Gausman who led the Edgerton Summer School program in addition to serving on the board.

Thank you to the Board and staff of Silverwood Park: board members Rita Fox, Kirsten Almo, John Steines, Barb Schuetz, and Barb Gausman, and staff members Katie Whitten (park manager), Kyle Richmond (resource developer), and Sarah Barlow, Volunteer Coordinator.

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