Day 7

Campers planted some underwear for the Soil Your Undies”  Natural Resources Conservation Service campaign to determine the health of the soil

Rachel Perry Gilbertson brought in several varieties of her laying chickens for students to hold and inspect. She discussed free-range care and her egg business. Great segue for the older students who spent the earlier part of the day researching their food print and sustainable food choices.  Rachel’s message about the power of the consumer in choosing sustainable foods, such as free-range chickens and eggs, reinforced what students just learned regarding animal welfare when they took the food print quiz on classroom Chromebooks.

Ruth Flescher, the Master gardener, worked with students and engaged them in looking for cabbage worms - they have a great eye for the green worms!

Bee Swarm  - surprise escape from the hive!  Emergency call to Eric to bring his queen back home.