Day 15

The youngest campers dug up their undies for the “Soil Your Undies” challenge and found the same results - decomposed undies, so microbe level in soil is great! Janice, one of the volunteers, led students in a welcome song for visiting parents, grandparents and guardians. Campers led the visitors to the sunflower garden and planted butterfly loving plants that they had grown from seed.

Master Gardener Ruth Flescher joined the campers and continued to lead the tomato hornworm cabbage worm hunt, assessed the weed barrier demo, as well as assisted students in sharing about their gardens with parents for the field day. Students also assessed the composting progress.

Campers reviewed the camp session noting KWLD -  what they learned and experienced, as well as what they will do, as a result of the day camp experience.

The older campers presented on sustainable and regenerative agriculture topics.  Here Declan shared his Google Slide presentation on companion planting and the three sisters - corn, beans and squash, a traditional indigenous practice.