Growers Field Day Enhanced the Silverwood Harvest Fest ’23

By Barb Gausman, Volunteer

The Friends of Silverwood Park Harvest Fest was enhanced by the growers at Silverwood sharing food and strategies with park visitors – from fresh salsa and chips to garden activities for children.  Here are some highlights of the Growers Field Day at Harvest Fest.

Lucy Doudlah from Doudlah Farms Organic sold dried beans, popcorn and sunflower seeds while sharing about the benefits of growing and consuming organic products. Doudlah’s are 6th generation farmers who promote healthier soils and plants to provide healthier food choices.  

New growers to Silverwood Park, Shawn Skerpan of Lucky Spud Farms, LLC, shared the strategy of creating raised beds for planting produce.  No gym membership for her–she dug and arranged all of the raised beds with her muscles and a shovel. 


Wendi Kent of Big Punch Farms, along with her children, sold fresh produce as well as a delicious beverage, Agua Fresca, made from watermelon and mint. 


Leslie and Javier Biviano, children of Javier Biviano Rayo and Sandy Biviano, warmed the hearts of visitors.  Leslie and her mom sold zucchini bread and fresh salsa with chips.  Small bags of blue corn chips were donated by Blue Corn Farms of Janesville.


Nick and Miranda Majorowiscz  with their children, Carly, Nolan, Jamison, and Parker, stand near the poster the kids created about their garden.  They are champions of growing watermelon and cauliflower!


Ruth Flesher, Rock County Master Gardener, enticed participants to try various heirloom tomatoes and peppers. Ruth manages a demonstration garden at the park and works with summer school students.  Nick Papendiek and Carley Schmeling, park visitors, pose with Ruth.


April Barlet and Shawn Skerpan, the newest Silverwood growers, pause for a pie break during the day.


Demonstration compost pile for growers as well as information for backyard composting was shared at Harvest Fest – a simple way to fight climate change and enhance your soil!


April Bartlet set up a children’s area for the day, including seed planting, selecting pumpkins, and splashing in a mud pit!  


Margaret Cotter, grower, discusses strategies for pruning raspberries, with Tom and Terry Helegstad, park visitors. Margaret and Barb Gausman, grow strawberries, June and fall bearing raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and grapes at Silverwood Park. 

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