Garden to Harvest@Silverwood Park

When the world wearies and society fails to satisfy, there is always the garden.  -- Minnie Aumonier


The Garden to Harvest@Silverwood class was initiated during the height of Covid 19 infections.  Students signed up for summer school, but parents/guardians needed to supervise the children as they gardened at Silverwood Park - so gardening became a safe, family experience. Many families reported a positive experience in 2020, so the course was offered again in 2021.  Eighteen children signed up for the course.  Students and parents accessed gardening information online through Google Classroom, some face-to-face interactions with the classroom teacher, and demonstrations and interactions with Ruth Flescher, a Master Gardener and volunteer.

The objectives of this course were more experiential, allowing students and families an opportunity to try gardening. Silverwood provided the garden plot, tools, and support.  The goal was to have kids plant seeds and starts, nurture them, and appreciate the harvest.

Here are some photographs of gardeners at Silverwood collected through the summer, although the class continues until the end of the growing season. Evidence of hard work, curiosity, and pride abound.