Day 4

Day campers had an opportunity to learn about food preservation, growing the perennials of strawberries and rhubarb pulling it all together in a batch of strawberry rhubarb jam.  Margaret Cotter, grower partner, discusses how strawberry plants grow and allows campers an opportunity to pick some berries for tasting and preserving.  Barb Gausman, teacher and growing partner, teases the students with raw rhubarb tasting and explains the history of the ancient plant.  Barb also leads the students in preparation for jam making.

The younger campers learned about juicing fruits/vegetables and growing microgreens from Kim LaPaglia, Organic Farm and Table/grower partner.  Did you know that you can eat the strawberry stem?  Our campers tried it as well as watermelon rind juice!

The older day campers ended the day foraging mulberries. Ate some. Squished some.  Saved some for jam.