Who are Grower Partners?

Grower Partners play an important role in helping to fulfill Irene Silverwood’s vision and the Silverwood Park mission.

Silverwood’s land has been tilled for decades, but its recent conversion to a public park makes it a unique site for farming. The Park’s dedication to sustainable agricultural education makes it a hub for learning, innovation, and production.

This is a picture of a Silverwood Park Grower Partner selling produce.

Grower partners sign a long-term lease of uncertified but functionally organic land for produce production.

Collaboration is a central element of the Grower Program at Silverwood. It provides participants an opportunity to share not only equipment and storage at the Park, but also technical and business expertise, and, possibly, labor.

Grower Partners help to fulfill our mission of sustainable agriculture education by assisting the Friends of Silverwood Park with public education. Grower Partners are asked to be available for up to 24 hours of public education, collaboration, and coordination each year.  Growers currently commit to participate in 8 hours of on-site events conducted by FOSP each year.

Apply to be a Grower Partner

The application to use agricultural lands is a three step process as follows:

  1. Take a park tour and see the facilities
  2. Fill out the Grower Partner application
  3. Discuss the Grower Program and your potential needs and expectations with other Silverwood Growers and an FOSP Board member

If the application is approved, a lease between the applicant and FOSP is negotiated and signed. Growing Partners enter into a sub-lease with FOSP for use of land and pay an annual lease fee. Once approved, and the lease payment is made, a Grower Partner may begin growing at Silverwood Park.

Click links for program documents:

2023 Season: Grower Partners

Doudlah Farms

At Doudlah Farms Organics, we believe in wholesome, nutrient-dense, rich, safe foods, farmed right. Doudlah Farms are advocates for organic, regenerative and biodynamic farming practices (fancy names for growing nutrient-rich foods that’s good for you, our planet and the future of human health). By farming this way, we keep our soil healthy and it does the same for us – and will for generations to come! So, enjoy Doudlah Farms Organics like our world depends on it. ‘Cause, it kinda does.

Doudlah Farms website

Dan Cornelius, Intertribal Agriculture Council

Dan Cornelius, Technical Assistance Specialist to Intertribal Agriculture Council. Land-based agricultural resources are vital to the economic and social welfare of many Native American and Alaskan Tribes. The harmonies of man, soil, water, air, vegetation and wildlife that collectively make-up the American Indian agriculture community, influence our emotional and spiritual well being. Prior to 1987, American Indian agriculture was basically unheard of outside reservation boundaries.

Dan's LinkedIn profile


Yellow Dog Flowers and Produce

Yellow Dog Flowers and Produce

We grow and sell fresh, organic vegetables and cut flowers to the Madison, Wisconsin area.

Owners Owners: Molly Stentz and John Peck
(608) 575-4647

Big Punch Farms

Just 2 small, queer, farmers, farming small land in a small town. Passionate about addressing food insecurity and feeding folks fresh, organic, and affordable veggies. Unique bouquets, edible flowers, and so much more! Lil' guys, big punch!
This is a picture of fencing around Silverwood's heirloom apple orchard.

Dan Bussey is the grower planting the Heritage Apple Orchard. For more about Dan’s orchard, see this blog post.

2023 Silverwood Grower Partners

Friends of Silverwood Park celebrates our growers for the 2023 season:

Family growers include Javier Biviano Rayo and Sandy Biviano family, April Bartlett and family, Nick and Miranda Majorowicz and family, Dan Bussey and family, and Joshua Livinston. Eric Johnson and Michael Scott will continue their bee hive in the Cotter/Gausman plot.
Check out the grower's gardens, including Josh's sunflower house and herb garden.

Business growers: Yellow Dog Flowers and Produce will continue their perennial garden here at Silverwood, but have expanded their vegetable and annual flowers to their new farm in Brooklyn. They are joined by their dogs, Honey and Peanut. They sell Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) share boxes available at Molly@yellowdogproduce.com.

Wendi Kent and Liv VonBlomberg of Big Punch Farms have relocated in the park but will continue their vegetable stand on Bingham Road.

Margaret Cotter and Barb Gausman will continue to grow vegetables and fruits for their own families, but have expanded to offering a limited number of CSA boxes to employees of the Edgerton School District. They have expanded their strawberry varieties, as well as added blueberry bushes grown in a soilless medium.

Kimberly La Paglia of Organic Farm and Table is growing sunchokes or Jerusalem artichokes this year, as well as garlic, raspberries, and vegetables.

The large and medium growers, Mark Doudlah and Dan Cornelius, continue their operations at Silverwood Park - see details above.