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How to Support Silverwood

There are several ways to support the park and its mission:

Or, support the park annually by becoming an FoSP member! (below)

Become a Park Friend

This is a picture of children at Silverwood's Great Oak on Arbor Day 2018.

When you become a member of the Friends of Silverwood Park (FOSP), you directly support the development and maintenance of a 300-acre public facility dedicated to recreation, cultivation, and education.

Dane County and the Friends of Silverwood Park (FoSP) operate Silverwood County Park as a public-nonprofit partnership. While Dane County owns the land, and decisions about the park must be approved by the County Park Commission, our Friends group is the community-based non-profit entity that drives the park's development and programming.

By becoming a member of the Friends of Silverwood Park you make a statement that you support regenerative agriculture, our local economy, and the young people who will ultimately carry the Silverwood Park vision into the future.

Friends of Silverwood Park Annual Rate
Individual membership $25.00
Family membership $40.00
Business Supporter membership $100.00

Your membership supports the general fund of the Friends of Silverwood, allowing us to pay for routine but key expenses, such as utility costs, trail mowing & maintenance, and upkeep of farmstead buildings.

Thank You to Our Business and Organizational Sponsors