Day Camp Summer 2023

Friends of Silverwood Park/Edgerton School District Day Camp

Silverwood Summer School/Silverwood Day Camp is a collaborative project between the Edgerton School District and Friends of Silverwood Park, now in its tenth year. Silverwood Day Camp 2023 will start on June 12 and run Monday and Thursday mornings in June and July.

We are happy to report that we have three full classes running this year with students from kindergarten through fifth grade that include 60 students and 10 staff members, Sustainable agriculture education,, recreation, and fun our our main goals.

Want to see what Summer School/Day Camp is like, close up? Read about Day Camp 2021 here. From that page, you'll find links to photos and descriptions of each day's activities that summer.

Summer - and Other - School at Silverwood

Children, from kindergarten to high school seniors, are a target audience for Silverwood Park's message of regenerative agriculture.

The Edgerton School District has conducted summer school classes at Silverwood Park since 2014.  Now those three-week sessions in June include Kindergarten, Elementary levels and Middle School, too.

In 2020, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, family gardening groups replaced the usual summer school program. Safely distanced, and supported with online learning resources, some students and their families worked garden plots at the park.

In 2021, in-person summer school resumed.

2021 Summer School Program Overview

This is a picture of a Summer School class activity at Silverwood Park.