• This is a picture of Silverwood Volunteer Coordinator Sarah Barlow

    Cultivating Volunteers at Silverwood

    The Friends of Silverwood Park (FoSP) received a grant earlier this year to increase the capacity of volunteers at the park.  The grant was awarded by the Foundation for Dane County Parks (FDCP), which supports “Friends” groups.  The Friends received a similar grant in 2020 to provide signage in the park. With the volunteerism grant, […]

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  • THis is a picture of Silverwood Summer School students with a beekeeper.

    Silverwood Receives a SARE Grant

    Educational programming at Silverwood Park recently received a boost from the federal USDA in the form of a Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) Grant. The Friends of Silverwood Park (FoSP) will use the $4000 Youth Educator grant to pay for upgrading summer school curriculum in 2021 to teach kindergarten through eighth grade students about […]

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  • This is a picture of wetlands at Silverwood Park

    Imagine a Boy’s Life on Koshkonong Prairie, 1841

    By Sarah White   Looking at the landscape of Silverwood Park, it’s easy to slip back in time a century or two. The words of Andrew Anderson written in 1898 take us to the prairies, where he found an undulating countryside “…studded with hardwood groves and burr oak openings….  During the summer season from early spring […]

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  • “Sunrise, Sunset–Swiftly Flow the Days”

    By Barb Gausman Slow down and enjoy the days. Whether as the day begins or ends, viewing the landscape of Silverwood Park at dawn or dusk provides an experience that slows down time and allows enjoyment of the day. Views of the sunset over Rice Lake can be enjoyed from the canoe launch and three […]

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  • An interview with Rita Fox about winter work in the woods

    Sarah White interviewed Rita Fox, lead volunteer in woodland restoration for Silverwood Park (and board secretary) in Fall 2020 about her work in the park. SW: What’s going on in the wooded parts of Silverwood as this fall gives way to winter? RF: When the frost has settled into the soil, that’s an important time […]

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  • Education Summer school family growers

    Silverwood serves as a safe sanctuary for summer school students.

    After completing classes virtually for 2 ½ months, many students and parents were looking for an alternative for summer school.  Silverwood Park had offered a face-to-face summer school over the past seven years, but due to social distancing requirements for Covid, that was not an option this year. Barb Gausman, a retired teacher and Friends […]

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  • A walk at Silverwood Park, 9/4/2020

    By Sarah White I took a walk at Silverwood Park on Friday morning, 9/4/20. I arrived about 7:45 that morning. I started out up the farm lane to the north. Monarchs danced with me all the way around to the entrance to the woods at the bottom of the north field. After walking through the […]

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