“Sunrise, Sunset–Swiftly Flow the Days”

By Barb Gausman

Slow down and enjoy the days. Whether as the day begins or ends, viewing the landscape of Silverwood Park at dawn or dusk provides an experience that slows down time and allows enjoyment of the day.

Views of the sunset over Rice Lake can be enjoyed from the canoe launch and three scenic overlooks off the main trail through the woods.


Sometimes you just have to wait for it…so gather with friends and appreciate the changes that occur as the sun moves below the horizon.


Watching the sun sett over the historic corn bins provides an appreciation of the history of Silverwood Park and farmstead.


View a winter sunset from the porch of the historic stone house.


An exhilarating winter ski, topped off with the warmth of the setting of the sun.


Appreciating the changing colors with “man’s best friend” doubles the effect!


Watching the “one you love” end the day with the setting sun. (That’s my husband on the tractor.)


A glorious day begins!


Silverwood Park is open for park users from 5 am to 10 pm for those seeking to slow down and begin or end their day with rising or setting of the sun!