Candlelight Hike 2022: All the Beauty Your Eyes Can Hold!

“Thank goodness for the snow that made our Candlelight Hike safe to do!” said organizer Rita Fox. The event was a successful fundraiser that has brought more than $500 to the Windows Replacement Project. But just as important, we think over two hundred people attended, many of them new to beautiful Silverwood Park. Enjoy these pictures posted by some of our volunteers!

Trail through the woods toward Rice Lake, with the last glow of sunset just visible in the distance. Photo by Rita Fox.


The Stonehouse Visitors’ Center is all aglow as volunteers rest after setting out the candles and wait our guests to arrive. The Visitors’ Center is available for rentals. (Hint, hint.) Photo by Bobbie Johnson.


Warming fires by the house and parking helped visitors and volunteers enjoy the evening. Temperatures were in the mid-20s with a brisk breeze.


Corn cribs in sunset: oh my! Photo by Bobbie Johnson.


The farm lane looking north. Thanks to a clear night, stars grew brighter above as the last light of day faded. Photo by Sarah White.


A big thank-you to everyone who worked on the event, everyone who attended, and to Dane County Parks for their support of our event. If we missed you in the following list, our apologies!

Barb and Mark Gausman, Bobbi and Paul Johnson, Cheri Trick, Deb Wiepz, Ed Grote, Greg Wiepz, Jack Roble, Jean and Mike Woller, Judy and Bob Hanlon, Kirsten Almo, Kyle Richmond, Larry Beck, Linda Lipinski, Mike Meier, Nancy and Joe  Moskal, Paul Kersten, Rachel Buck, Rita Fox, Ruth McCann, Sarah White, Sharie Bushuger

Special thanks go to:

Fires: Rachel and Curt Gilbertson,  daughter Paige, and son Trevor for tending the fires and Dave Billhorn of Country Corner Greenhouse in Edgerton for providing fire wood for the fire pits.

Food: Piggly Wiggly of Edgerton and Fromagination of Madison for food.

HUGE thanks to Rita Fox, Barb Gausman, Cheri Trick, and Katie Whitten for organizing the event.