Support the Stonehouse Window Campaign

The Stonehouse Visitors’ Center is the result of an adaptive reuse of the old Silverwood family farmhouse by Operation Fresh Start in 2016. At that time, the original windows were left in place. They probably date from the 1960s. There are nine first-floor windows, along with a front door and upper level windows…all of which need some loving care.

The Friends of Silverwood Park are seeking $20,000 to cover replacing the windows and begin a fund to pay for future maintenance of the Stonehouse Visitors’ Center. Can you be one of 10 donors of $1,000 ($10,000) to cover the first-floor window replacements?  If so your name (or business name) will be included on a plaque to commemorate the renovation.

A donation of any size – $10, $100, or $250 for example – will help us reach our goal. All gifts will be acknowledged on the Silverwood website and at an in-person celebration once the renovation is complete! Every bit helps preserve this unique Silverwood Park asset.