Straight from the Horse’s Mouth…

four riders on horses approach the Silverwood parking lot from the east

From left to right: Kathy Millar on Dorothy, Cheri Trick on Ruby, Debbie Klingaman on Annie, and Kathy Julseth on Banjo.

Who would expect the 3rd of November to reach 71 degrees in the afternoon? What a great day for a stroll. So glad our people had the bright idea to trailer us over to our favorite neighborhood park! Silverwood is our backyard and we are here often. We love the park. Our midday ride was perfect.


We were spotted on the ridge by a walker, but she was too far away to get a good picture of us. We’re glad she caught up with us in the parking lot. We like our paparazzi.

We equine types are welcome at Silverwood, where we enjoy fields and woods because there are great views and very few rocks to trouble us. There are over four miles of trails–just right for a saunter–with some nice open stretches where we can “step on the gas” as the humans say. Our people seem to like the easy trailer turnaround space in the parking lot.

Thanks to the Midwest Horse Council, Silverwood Park has a hitching post and mounting blocks. But don’t come until you have your Horse Trail Permit (daily or annual)–it’s required for trail use. You can purchase yours  online.

If you’re a horse or rider who comes to Silverwood Park, shoot us a neigh-mail at! We’d like to know what YOU like about the park!

By equine buddies Dorothy, Ruby, Annie, and Banjo