Scenes from Harvest Fest – September 25, 2021,

Harvest Fest at Silverwood Park brought good weather, good attendance, and good fun for all. Here are scenes I captured that day. Feel free to send us yours! – Sarah White

Vendors were selling organic produce and artisan products, both outside and in the North Shed.




Kids made art and had fun!

Bands played — first the folk group Back Porch Twilight (outside), then Coming In Hot (plugged in).


“Cider Dan” Bussey was on hand to talk about the Apples of Silverwood Park.


Proceeds from the sale of donated pies helped support the Friends of Silverwood Park.


Vendors in the North Shed sold artisan wares.






Attendees enjoyed the snacks on offer, shopping the vendors’ wares, and listening to the bands.

John Steines, President of the Friends of Silverwood Park, would be pleased if you’d join the Friends group.