Maintain the Historic Farmstead

This is a picture of a Silverwood Park volunteer making repairs at the historic farmstead








The Friends of Silverwood Park (FoSP) asked Dane County to retain historic farm buildings at the park, rather than tearing them down.  These valuable facilities not only serve visitors as reminders of the agricultural history of Silverwood Park, but also provide valuable spaces for FoSP’s Grower Partners, Edgerton School District summer school classes, and general park events.

This is a picture of an historic corn crib located in the Silverwood Park farmstead.

The Silverwood homestead Stone House is also part of the farmstead, and dates from the 1800s.  This facility serves as a visitors center, classroom and meeting place at the park, as well as providing public restrooms.

This is a picture of the renovation work on the Stone House at Silverwood Park.

Your donation to maintenance of the historic Silverwood Farmstead enables the Friends to help keep the farmstead in good shape, and make the park more viable for visitors who may not be able to hike, go boating or fishing.