This is a picture of FoSP Board member Rita Fox

Rita Fox, Board Secretary

Rita leads the Oak Savanna restoration for Silverwood Park. She is a retired Middle School teacher, Ice Age Trail volunteer, and avid student of woodland restoration management.

This is a picture of Kirsten Almo

Kirsten Almo, Board Treasurer

Kirsten is director of the Edgerton Public Library and a former classroom teacher.

John Steines, Board President

John is former president of the Friends of Starkweather Creek (Madison) and an artist.

FoSP Board member Barb Gausman

Barb Gausman, Board Vice President

Barb is a retired Edgerton High School teacher passionate about promote healthy eating and lifestyles through teaching summer school at Silverwood Park.

Barb Schuetz, Board Member

Barb is a park neighbor and a retired teacher who walks the park frequently.


Kyle Richmond, Resource Developer

Kyle is a former FoSP Board member. He also is a former member of the Dane County Board and the Dane County Park Commission. He works in communications.

This is a picture of Katie Whitten

Katie Whitten, Park Manager

Katie is a former FoSP Board member. She is an Edgerton School District substitute teacher, former classroom teacher, and a farmer who is neighbor to the park. Katie also is a horse enthusiast and rider.

Sarah Barlow, Volunteer Coordinator

Sarah is a long-time volunteer of Silverwood, and a business owner. She is passionate about having a harmonious, reciprocal relationship with the land, and healing practices.