This is a picture of FoSP Board member Rita Fox

Rita Fox, President

Rita leads the Oak Savanna restoration for Silverwood Park. She is a retired Middle School teacher, Ice Age Trail volunteer, and avid student of woodland restoration management.

Cheri Trick, Vice President, Treasurer

Cheri has been a board member on and off for 5 years. She enjoys the challenges that come along with planning events and seeing people enjoying the park. She is also a neighbor who loves using the equestrian trails. "See you at the park!"

Dan Bussey, Secretary

Dan Bussey is a recognized Apple Historian who is developing heirloom orchards at Silverwood Park.

Kim LaPaglia, Board Member

Kim LaPaglia is a human being embracing being.  She believes raising consciousness is the answer to the world's problems so she dedicates her life to raising consciousness.  Kim is the founder of The Organic Farm and Table and its retreat and events program, Soil and Soul.

This is a picture of FoSP Board member Rita Fox

Bob Goessling, Board Member

Bob lives on Rice Lake and enjoys hiking the trails, boating on the lake, and observing wildlife in all seasons. He is retired from the broadcat industry and looks forward to helping develop and improve the park and facilities.

This is a picture of Katie Whitten

Katie Whitten, Board Member

Katie is an Edgerton School District substitute teacher, former classroom teacher, and a farmer who is neighbor to the park. Katie also is a horse enthusiast and rider.


This is a picture of Katie Whitten

Katie Whitten, Park Contact

Katie is our liaison to Dane County Parks, volunteers, and YOU if you have questions, concerns, or interest in volunteering. You can reach Katie by email at or 608-289-9627.