Regenerative Agriculture Workshop & Field Day

Featuring the Grower Partners of Silverwood Park!

Come to learn from our grower partners from small to large about this summer's agricultural production. One acre or many, it's all good at Silverwood.

Throughout the day, visit the Welcome Station at the Stonehouse Visitors' Center: Enjoy refreshments, pick up your map and schedule, and enjoy your visit!

Presentations by Growers

11:00am - Food & Refreshments Available | Welcome

12:00pm - Small Vegetable and Flower Grower Profiles, Irene's Orchard

1:30pm - Indigenous Corn, Cover Cropping, and Small Equipment Demonstrations

3:00pm - Savanna Institute: Agroforestry Design

4:00 - (bonus session) Yellow Dog Farm & Family Farm Defenders

This is a picture of an agroforestry row-cropping demonstration area at Silverwood Park.

This is a picture of a planning discussion for Silverwood's Pollinator Prairie.