Opportunities to help make Irene's dream come true

There are many ways to help at Silverwood Park, and with the Friends of Silverwood!

  • Removal of invasive species

  • Working on the Silverwood website

  • Watering and mulching trees

  • Organizing fundraising events

  • Weeding of public grounds

  • Planning educational sessions

  • Scraping and painting historic farm buildings

  • Collecting rocks for the labyrinth

  • Contacting sponsors for park improvement contributions

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Silverwood Park

Wisconsin's regenerative Agriculture Classroom

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Why I volunteer...

FOSP Board Member Emily Halapatz

My name is Emily Halapatz and I live and work in Madison. Like most people, my life can sometimes feel  too hectic.  Every time I come to Silverwood and volunteer, I leave feeling calmer, more connected to the land, and hopeful -- things that are important to my sense of well-being.

Since I was a kid in the '60s, I've had a deep love for nature, growing up with great hope as I watched the birth of the environmental movement and Earth Day.  My lifestyle reflects my passion, but it usually doesn't feel like I'm doing enough in the face of the destructive forces at work in the world.

Silverwood is a place where I can go to do something concrete and positive. I am fully aligned with its mission to "demonstrate innovative agricultural practices and land stewardship that sustain the land for future generations".  Whether I'm digging in the soil, attending a board meeting or helping with an event, I am working with like-minded, good people and always learning something.  I volunteer at Silverwood because it is inspiring and I get at least as much as I give.