Pollinator Protection

Source: Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS)

Former Edgerton High School Teacher Irene Silverwood donated her nearly 300-acre farm to Dane County's Parks Division in 2001.  Above is a link to the resolution, passed by the Dane County Board in 2001, which initiated the process of creating Silverwood Park.

In 2016, the Friends of Silverwood Park began a project to establish a pollinator prairie at the park.  This prairie will be developed to provide an outdoor classroom for the public to learn about the value of pollinators to agriculture, and about how to help protect and support pollinators.

FOSP is seeking donations to support establishment of the prairie, and to provide interpretive education to the public.

What is the current focus of Friends of Silverwood Park educational efforts?

Wisconsin's regenerative Agriculture Classroom

Park History

Source: The Pollinator Partnership

(From a local resident, 1966)

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Silverwood Park

Soil Health

In order to regenerate the soil at Silverwood, the Friends support conversion of the conventionally farmed acres to organic agriculture.  Soil health must become the focus for growers at Silverwood as climate change increases and complete loss of  organic matter makes weak water retention likely to increase erosion and flooding.  Healthy soils will increase nutritive value of the plants grown at the park, and reduce the need for synthetic fertilizers...and pesticides.

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